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Product Range

Custom Made Trikes In Australia

For freedom, independence and support, you need a custom-made tricycle designed specifically around you and your needs. With years of expertise in building top quality tricycles for regular and special needs customers, Body Cycles Australia Pty Ltd are the industry leaders you can trust to provide the perfect tricycle for you.

We are passionate about making you a tricycle that will help you achieve your individual goals, whilst also being a fun and enjoyable experience. Our tricycles are expertly assembled in South Australia, using only quality new parts.

Edge Range

Our 'Edge' range of tricycles are chain driven and designed for people with regular or special needs. Three wheels, instead of two, gives added support, stability and builds confidence.   We have an extensive range of accessories available which have been designed to allow people with a more limiting disability to take advantage of this excellent product. 


Tigermoth Dual Rider

The Tigermoth Dual Rider is a side-by-side cycle that was developed to allow parallel riding by two people. It has independent  suspension, giving a real-life riding experience to those whose sensory or intellectual impairment precludes solo riding.



Hand Cycles/Recumbents

The Rehatri Hand Cycle allows for equal mobility for people with more control of their arms than feet. Riders who are comfortable with the normal wheelchair position find this seat familiar and easy to adjust.


Gomier Trikes

Gomier trikes now feature the new design frame with the lower step through. The pedals are positioned further forward which gives a more comfortable riding position. The new saddle features a thicker steel base with twin springs.



Electric Tricycle


  • 20in Front and Rear Wheels
  • Max Speed 20kmh/Max Range 40km
  • 200W Brushless Motor - Twist Grip Throttle
  • 36V 15Ah Lithium OR15Ah Lead Acid Batt and Charger
  • 3 Speed Shimano Inner Hub Gears
  • Heavy Duty Tyres/Slimed Thornproof Tubes
  • Headlight/Taillight/Indicators




Our trailers are made from quality materials and can be easily secured onto any bike or trike. We have a range of trailers available to suit your needs. 



Trike Transporters

These specially designed trike-carrying racks can be fitted to all cars with a two ball attached. The 12” and 16” tricycles are suitable for both styles and the 20” and 24” tricycles are only suited to fit the deluxe rack.