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Support Pedals

Support Pedals are fitted when restraint is required.  They are equipped with toe clips and easy to adjust straps, allowing for quick release.


Support Pedal with heel strap

This extra strap fitted to the heel of the support pedal helps prevent the rider from pulling his or her foot out of the toe clip. The strap also helps to keep the foot straight.


Foot Leveller

The Foot Leveller keeps the foot in a near horizontal position for the whole rotation of the pedals, still allowing full movement. This increases extension and stretching of the calf muscles.


Knee Abductor

The Knee Abductor helps to stop the knees from turning in.


Heel Plate

The heel plate stops the foot turning in at the ankle..


Freewheel Crank with lock pin

The Freewheel Crank with lock pin allows you to disengage the pedals.  Great option when the rider fatigues or the carer needs to go faster than the legs should go round.