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Back Rest and Belt

The Back Rest and Belt can be added to all Edge Tricycles, giving support to either upper torso or hips. A belt and buckle is supplied. Additional wrap arounds can be added for extra support.


Total Back Support

The added advantage of the Total Back Support is it gives greater support and adjustability, allowing the rider to be held in a more forward position which helps to reduce hip extension.


Adjustable Back Rest bar

The Adjustable bar is designed when a natural upright position is not available.  The position can be moved to suit the posture.


Chest Pad

The Chest Pad adds a little padding around the chest or stomach for those who have a tendency to lean forward.


Insert Pad

The Insert Pad give extra support for the finer person.


Shoulder Supports

Shoulder Supports prevent the rider from standing up or slumping forward. Choice of a three point harness or bars are available


Back Rest Pole Pad

The Back Rest Pole Pad is a cushion to stop the head hitting the upright bar


Head Rest

The padded Head Rest is fully adjustable. It can move forward, back, up or down, resulting in maximum comfort and rider safety.